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Naturalization is the final step of your immigration journey to the United States.

After years of struggling to immigrate and being a lawful permanent resident, you will finally have the opportunity to obtain the rights of a United States citizen.

We are here to help you to do this final step in a right direction.

Below is the list of the questions screening your eligibility for naturalization. If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you should consider consulting an attorney before applying for the US citizenship.

Have you ever:

1. Had contact with police (charged, arrested, imprisoned, and even if charges were dropped or the record no longer exists)?
2. Been a habitual alcoholic, involved with drugs, etc.?
3. Received money from illegal gambling?
4. Been in a domestic violence situation?
5. Had a negative contact with, were stopped, or detained by an immigration officer?
6. Helped anyone enter or try to enter the U.S. illegally?
7. Failed to support children or pay alimony, even if your children live outside the U.S.?
8. Gained legal permanent residence status through asylum and you traveled back to your home country?
9. Been ordered deported, removed or excluded from the U.S. or had removal, exclusion, rescission or deportation proceedings pending against you at any time?
10. Committed fraud or misrepresentation or lied to obtain an immigration benefit, even if you didn’t obtain the benefit?
11. Committed fraud or misrepresentation to obtain welfare benefits or public assistance?
12. Left the country for 30 days or more while you were receiving public benefits?
13. Filed a previous citizenship application and there was a problem of fraud or misrepresentation?
14. Left the U.S while you were an LPR for a period of more than 6 months during one trip?
15. Lived more time outside than inside of the U.S. while under legal permanent resident status?
16. Owed any federal, state, or local taxes or failed to file taxes since becoming an LPR?
17. Failed to register for U.S. Selective Service?
18. Claimed to be a U.S. citizen, have voted, or registered to vote in the U.S.?
19. Been associated in any way with terrorist organizations?
20. Had difficulty learning and passing a test on U.S. history and civics?
21. Had difficulty learning, reading, speaking or writing basic English?
22. Had a disability or other diagnosed physical or mental condition that affects your ability to learn or retain information?

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